Friday, March 4, 2011

Hollywood Doesn't Understand the Military

All my friends know that Armageddon is a favorite movie of mine... One I both loathe and love at the same time... For all of us in the military though, there is one awesome scene that is so amazingly bogus, I had to share my outrage.  About 1 hour 40 into the movie, this scene smacks you right in the face.

The President is meeting with his advisors about whether or not to remote detonate the nuke, because Bruce Willis is a washed up piss poor actor, er, driller.

 He calls the 4 Star General at NASA Headquarters, and you know shit is real, its a RED PHONE!

The 4 Star breaks the news to Bad Santa, who is understandably heartbroken.
Pres Says "Fuck John McClane and Holden McNeil"

Elevators open dramatically, gotta love the low angle.

Look at all that metal, this is obviously some Top Secret underground NASA control center...
And then out walk these guys...

WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!  The President is detonating a nuke, something that hasn't been done since we decimated the Japanese. The Air Force is taking over NASA with a Tech and a Staff Sergeant, followed by a bunch of Airmen. 

To put that in perspective for all non-miltary readers, this blog is written by a Tech and a Staff Sergeant...  People of our rank are hardly qualified to save the world, we're barely trusted with laptops.  If Obama were to entrust the nuclear overide keys to guys like me and Jared, theres only 1 possible outcome...

Can I get a mulligan?

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