Monday, January 3, 2011

Turns out...

I have discovered that I suck at drawing, perhaps a webcomic just isn't in the cards for us.  Maybe Christopher Reeves really would have loved to head down to the ball park and swing for the fences, someone had to tell him, "Hey bro, too bad, you can't play baseball, casue, you know, you're a tard now."  That didn't stop him from dreaming though did it.

So soon enough we'll start posting our poorly drawn comics, that hopefully at least of few of you will find funny.  Best case scenario, we end up with a tv show on CBS like "Shit My Dad Says," Worst case scenario we end up with a sitcom on ABC like "Bad Family Photos."

Random aside: That show "Cavemen" was pretty sweet.

So keep your eyes peeled for the first of (hopefully) many comics to come.  And we'll cross our fingers that we're not the gimp in the wheelchair who wants to play with the other kids becasue as Chubbs just told me - "People who shit in a bag tend not to live very long."

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