Thursday, December 30, 2010

Growned Ass Man

So to the 1 of you who I know will read this, I wanted to explain why I chose this title for the blog and hopefully eventually the shitty ass comic we will draw.  I had heard it today and the phrase just struck a chord.  As you may have figured out,  I get stuck on phrases sometimes.  Through the latter half of 2007 I referred to everything as "so aggressive," and threatened to "Tiger Uppercut" everyone that crossed my path.  2010 was the year of the "Man Plan."  This last week I have been referring to anything and everything as "legit." I would very much like to start out 2011 as the year of being a Grown Ass Man, but since that name was taken, I'll go with the very legit, Growned Ass Man.  It conveys the same meaning, while retaining the retardedness of any situation that you may find yourself in, where using that phrase would be necessary.

My guy King reminded me of this awesome saying while we were making fun of Candyman for complaining about having to walk the Third Country Nationals (TCNs) to the bathroom (its a security thing).  He had complained about the job, then King told him "How the fuck do you think he feels, a Grown Ass Man having to ask a kid for permission take a fucking piss?"

I want the blog and comic to reflect that.  The trials of being a young adult with a marginal amount of responsibility, and the shenanigans that we can, and do get in to.

You know what, "shenanigans" is another awesome word I want to incorporate into my 2011

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